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Glossary of Provincial Words used in North Hampshire – (M-O)

Main, almost, as” main tired”.
Maur (Celtic), a root, “stool-maur”, “tree-stool”.
Mazin, astonishing.
Mawkin, a long mop used in baking, Berks.
Mazard, a face.
Measter, master, Berks.
Mizzle, go!
Moke, a donkey-gipsy’s term.
Mouch, to play truant, whence “blackberry-mouchers”, eating them on the
Moses, a frog.
Mosey, stale.
Muckle, straw half dung.
Mummer, “mummy’, mother.

Nabbet, “gna’-bit”, 4 o’clock meal.
Nag, nagging-, persistent worrying.
Nation, very, as “nation good”.
Nitch, as much as a person can carry.
Nouse, sense.

Oller, to call out.
Oust, to shoulder up.

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