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Glossary of Provincial Words used in North Hampshire – (G-L)

Gabbern, roomy, comfortless, Wilts.
Galley-beggar, a scarecrow.
Gied, gave.
Gna’-pooast, a niggardly fellow.
Green-meat, green food for horses.
Grouts, grits, dregs.

Haggle, to banter in trade.
Hanker after, to desire.
Haulm, stubble, from the Saxon healm, straw, whence healming, used by thatchers.
Hide, to flog on the naked skin.
Hinge, “head and pluck”, sheep’s head and lungs, etc.
Hoppetty-boy, a clumsy, overgrown lad.
Hunch, a big lump of bread, also “Nunch” and Nunchkin”, lunch.

Inkling, desire after.
Inwards, the entrails of a pig.
Ire, iron.

Keever, a fermenting tub.
Kettle-broth, pot-liquor in which bacon
and vegetables have been boiled.
Knacker, an old horse.

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