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Glossary of Provincial Words used in North Hampshire – (P-R)

Paddle, a spud.
Pank, pant, to breathe hard.
Panshards, crocks, broken pots.
Pelt, skin, as “thick in the pelt”.
Piggin, a small pail.
Pip, a disease in fowls; “gapes”.
Plim, to enlarge in boiling.
Plumm, straightforward.
Poke, a sack, “pig in a poke”.
Pook, a hay-cock.
Pot-dung, farm-yard manure.
Puff, a light faggot.

Quatch, or quitch, not to speak, “don’t quitch”.
Quilt, to swallow.
Quod, slang for prison.
Quop, to throb or pulsate.

Rap, to exchange, “swop”.
Randy, renty, tearing.
Rising, as applied to yeast in making dough.
Roak, reck, as “roak with sweat”.
Rowty, rooty.
Rumple, to put out of temper.

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