Beer Houses/Retailers, Inn’s/Pubs & Malthouse’s

The parish of St. Mary Bourne has had numerous beer houses/retailers, inn’s/pubs & malthouse’s over the years, some of which still survive today. This page is to give you an overview of these with more information about specific ones where extra information is known to follow.

The lists below are the first mention of the various establishments from the collection of trade directories I have, the earliest of which that mentions St. Mary Bourne is 1855.

Beer Houses/Retailers

Beer Houses/Retailers differ from the inn’s/public houses as these premises where only licenced to sell beer1. The was often from a room in their own homes.

  • 1855 – Binley (later became The Hurdlers Arms Public House)
  • 1859 – Stoke (run by John Holdway)
  • 1859 – Swampton (run by Henry Breadmore, then later his son John)
  • 1875 – unknown location (William Medhurst)
  • 1885 – unknown location (William Watts)
  • 1915 – unknown location (Frederick Jackson)


These were the fully licenced premises within the parish.

  • 1855 – The George Inn, St. Mary Bourne
  • 1855 – The Plough, St. Mary Bourne
  • 1855 – The White Hart, Stoke
  • 1898 – The Railway Inn, St. Mary Bourne (later known as The Bourne Valley Inn)
  • 1931 – The Coronation Arms, St. Mary Bourne
  • 1939 – The Hurdlers Arms, Binley (previously a beer house)


There is one known malthouse in St. Mary Bourne and that was located near the church in the building today known as The Malthouse. First mention in the traded directories is 1855.

malt housemalt barn, or maltings, is a building where cereal grain is converted into malt by soaking it in water, allowing it to sprout and then drying it to stop further growth. The malt is used in brewing beerwhisky and in certain foods.


The occupations of those known to be operating The Malthouse is “Malster” which means “Brewer”, but it is unknown whether The Malthouse was a brewery as well or whether it just produced the malt which was then sent on to brewers.

In addition there are two other single references to Maltsters in the trade directories.

  • 1855 – Stoke (Robert Holdway)
  • 1859 – The George Inn, St. Mary Bourne (Henry Hutchins)


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