Hampshire Archives visit 31st Oct 2023

As today’s visit was all about St Mary Bourne and the Swing Riots I thought it would be worth doing a little update.

First up on my list was some records from the Special Assizes held in Winchester in December 1830. I wanted to see if I could find mention of our St Mary Bourne men (who will be introduced on this site next month on the 193rd anniversary of their crimes) and the answer was no I couldn’t, they were not listed on the Calendar of Prisoners. Was there a second that hasn’t survived or did they just add extra prisoners at the last minute?

I did manage to get a copy of “The Charge“, 23 pages inc. the names of the Jury. I will read this in full and transcribe at a later date and see if I can identify the bits relevant to the events in St Mary Bourne.

I also have a copy of a fabulous poster “By the King – A Proclamation” offering £50 reward to those who help in the apprehension of the rioters.

The biggest document of the day which does include the St Mary Bourne men was a long rolled up document detailing the “Sentences” which will no doubt give me hand ache typing up. It will indeed be a vital part I’m sure in detailing the events and what happened after.

These documents initially are to help me write an assignment for my IHGS coursework but will when the time is right also form part of this study.

Next up on today’s list was the “Overseers Accounts” which are plentiful for St Mary Bourne. I’ve used these before when researching the early Goodyear’s in the parish and decided these will be key to helping me understand how poor the villagers were in the years leading up to the Swing Riots and in the years after.

On a visit to the archives a couple of weeks ago I got copies of the 1830 and part of 1831 accounts. Today I picked up where I left off to the last available accounts in 1833. All of these will be fully transcribed and I have already noted the families of those transported from the village are being supported by the village throughout this period.

Here’s a little snippet from October 1831 to some of the poor

  • Isaac Goodyer – £1 12s 5d
  • Sarah Wedge’s child – 8s
  • Widow Benham – 12s

These records also document how much was paid in “Poor Rates” too by the wealthier members of the parish.

  • John Herbert £28 1s
  • John Longman £17 8s
  • Thomas Sutton £1 5s 6d

The very large book containing these accounts and I will be reacquainted on my next visit. For the purpose of the initial period of this study I still need all the accounts from 1821 – 1829.

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