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Glossary of Provincial Words used in North Hampshire – (D-F)

Darn, a threat, “darn”, “dash”, and “drat”, I have heard used as a kind of threat.
Dawnt, to frighten, “dawnt or dearnt lonely”.
Deedy, “peering”, or looking in to.
Dew-bit, early breakfast.
Dished, deceived, “he has dished or done me”
Disend, dressed fine.
Dollop, a lump.
Dout, extinguish, as “dout the candle”.
Drunge, an obstruction.
Dummel, dull, Berks.
Dunney, deaf.

Faggot, a kind of sausage, “black-pudding”.
Farrow, a litter of pigs, Berks.
Featish, middling in health. “How are you Thomas?” “Featish like”; also “fairish”.
Fettle, in good or bad fettle.
Flail, for thrashing corn, consisting of handstaff and swingle, the staff made of ash, and the swingle of crab or blackthorn.
Fleck, to tear hair or fur out.
Foust, fousty, bad-smelling.
Funk, fright.
Frow, firm.

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