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Glossary of Provincial Words used in North Hampshire – (A – C)

Ackard, awkward, “trimming ackard”.
Aish, stubble “oat-ash”.
Aneust, “nearst”, nearly, Berks.

Bitle, a wedge-driver
Bout, a pause in wrestling.
Brashy, applied to rough, pebbly soil.
Budge, “won’t budge” (move) an inch.
Burr, sweatbread, Berks.
Bungersome, clumsy, Berks.

Caddle, to hurry.
Chaff, to make fun of.
Chopper, the lower jaw of a pig.
Cheeky, impudent.
Chissel, to cheat.
Chuck, to throw underhand.
Coddle, to fuss with, “Molly-coddle”.
Cotton, to beat, as in “I’ll cotton him”.
Crib, to steal by littles.
Crick, to sprain, “I have cricked (crooked) my ankle”.
Crochet, as “got a crochet in his head”.

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