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Glossary of Provincial Words used in North Hampshire – (T-Y)

Tab, of a shoe.
Tackle, to defeat.
Tallot, a hay-loft.
Tan, to flog, “tan his hide”.
Ta’year, this year.
Thic, this.
Tickle, to set a trap “tickle”, easy to go off.
Toggs, toggery, clothing.
Tommy, slang for bread.
Touchy, testy, peevish.
Trapes, a slatternly woman.
Trimming, as ” trimming hot” or, “trimming strong”.
Trull, or troll, bowl at cricket.
Tussle, struggle.
Tuggs, traces.
Twoad, a toad.

Unkid, lonely.

Vell, a calf’s stomach, Berks.
Vinney, veiny, mouldy.

Wallop, to thrash with a big stick.
Want, a mole, Berks .
Waps, a wasp.
Whee! whay! or why! stop!
Wherret, to worry.
Whisket, a small twig.
Whopper, a big object.
Wicker, to neigh.
Wrick, to wrench or spr<!- in.
Wrinkle, a hint, as “I put him up to a thing or two”.

Yeath, the earth.
Ye’es! yes! used occasionally.
Yeo, yaw, ewe, a female sheep.

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