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Glossary of Provincial Words used in North Hampshire – (S)

Scawt, to push backwards, Berks.
Schram’d, chilled, “knit up with cold”.
Scriggle, scrawl.
Scroop, to make a screwing noise.
Shard, a gap.
Shirty, angry.
Showel, a shovel.
Shore, a stake, “fold-shore”.
Shuck, a shell.
Singreen, house-leek, grows on thatch, and considered a sign of good luck.
Skeeling, sloping, as a “skeeling roof”.
Skruff; nape of the neck.
Slammock, a slouch.
Sliver, to cut off.
Snacks, to go halves or “snacks”.
Snop, a rap on the head.
Snowl, a large lump.
Spavins, spasm.
Speil, a spark.
Spell, a charm.
Sprack, ready.
Squale, to throw with a knobbed stick.
Start, used in reference to mirth, “we had a fine start”,
Stived-up, short of room.
Stub, a broken nail.
Studdle, to stir up and make muddy.
Swipes and swankey, small-beer.

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