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March 2024 Update

Blog post wise it’s been a quiet month with just St. Mary Bourne book list shared this month. Behind the scenes a lot has been happening.

Firstly, I’ve been doing a mapping course with Pharos Tutors. I used St Mary Bourne one week and below is the map I did centred on the village square. It’s designed to help you to focus on the areas within the circles so you can identify as much as possible. The orange stars are definitely ones I didn’t know about and additional things to add to the ever growing “to do list” to follow up on.

St Mary Bourne map from National Library of Scotland map collection, Re-use: CC-BY

Also a couple of weeks ago my friend Nicki & I were out and about in the parish photographing letter boxes for firstly an upcoming 10 minute talk I’m doing in April and also for May when the One-Place studies blog prompt is “post”, more on what to expect in April’s update.

As for the data in the people database all baptisms are now in from 1820 until the 1841 census, with many earlier ones in too. Just need to finish adding all from 1813-1819 before going further back with a different baptism book, marriage & burials have also been updated. The first part of the Tithe data has been added to test how I’m going to record the data in the database which will also tie owners & renters to fields, orchards, hedges etc. More people have also been matched to the tithe as well. There are now 1957 people in the database, only a fraction of these are finished with as currently they are just those that died young.

Next month the blog prompt is Spring, so I will be back out taking more photographs of the parish in spring (here’s hoping for a rain free weekend). Lambs are what I will be looking for as the parish has long ties with sheep farming. By 1861 my 3 x Great Grandfather Henry Golding and his brother John were living in Stoke where they were both working as shepherds, Henry’s son George my 2 x Great Grandfather was also a shepherd in Stoke. Maybe it’s time to research the job of a shepherd in Spring!

Also working on a better way to share the data transcripts, link photos to places and more so the blog is separate.

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