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June 2024 Update

Well just a couple of posts this month for the blog but interesting ones.

Behind the scenes its mostly been about 1813-1841 burial records (once the marriages back to 1771 were in the database). These have proved interesting and raised more questions to be answered.

Children with no parents

Above are 5 children identified so far that do not have a corresponding baptism record in St Mary Bourne just a burial. My question is “How do we find out the names of the parents and which family these children belong to?

Firstly, I do need to check for a baptism nearby, but if that fails to provide answers where next! All I can think of is hoping that they may be mentioned in some family papers somewhere in the world. So please please please if you do have anything like family bibles, old trees please do get in touch, they may hold clues to resolve issues like this and also those mentioned last month with regards to women just being referred to as “Widow” or “Goody” rather than a first name.

These women and children deserve their rightful place in history and I’m sure in the case of both the lists will continue to grow as I work my way through the records.

Next month the blog prompt is very appropriately #OnePlaceElections and there is surviving material that does shed light into who was eligible to vote in the parish and in the earlier records who they voted for! These Poll Books are fabulous sources that once the voting criteria has been established should tell us more about the people listed on them. I shall be sharing some of that information next month.

Also next month a post is coming that I promised I would do in the St Mary Bourne History Facebook group about the Bourne Revels which took place the first Monday after 12th July. This post will not just talk about the fun & games of the Revels but also tell of the consequences of taking part. It will introduce the Hampshire County Lunatic Asylum, where people suffering with mental health issues were sent from St Mary Bourne including information from some “Order for the Reception of a Pauper Patient” documents in which Dr. Joseph Stevens gives his medical opinion.

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